Pictures of Tigers App & Screensaver Features

Pictures of Tigers HD App & Screensaver Features

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Bring your screens alive with high-definition pictures of tigers.

Pictures of tigers App and Screensaver - Software Box Display
The Save Tigers HD Live Wallpaper Android App and Windows Screensaver are a great way to accessorize your Android mobile device and Windows PC. This captivating digital bundle features a HD (High Definition) collection of high-resolution pictures of tigers from around the world. Includes tiger wallpaper for your Windows desktop and Android phone. Both the tiger’s screensaver and tiger app feature a ton of settings to provide you with an immersive digital experience.

Android HD Pictures of Tigers Live Wallpaper App

The Android app contains 10 HD pictures of tigers and the option to add your own images via the image gallery or camera. The app also features many app settings to create the perfect tiger wallpaper / background image on your Android powered phone. Furthermore, the app contains no ads, tracking, malware, spyware, and is 100% clean!

Windows HD Pictures of Tigers Screensaver

The Windows tigers screensaver displays 25 HD pictures of tigers with many screensaver settings, including tiger wallpaper and the option to add your own music soundtrack. Tiger pictures for both the app and screensaver include the Amur/Siberian , Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, South China, and Sumatran tigers. The screensaver contains no malware, spyware, and is 100% clean!

*Proceeds from the Save Tigers HD App and Screensaver will benefit tiger conservation / endangered tigers and will be donated to [organization name].

Save Tigers HD Live Wallpaper App

Tiger App Features - App Image Features Icon

App Image Features

Beautiful High-Definition tiger images (various species).

• HD pictures of tigers
• 10 tiger images
• Beautiful Tiger wallpaper
• Video Wallpaper

Tiger App Features - App Settings Icon

App Settings

Multiple customization options.

• Add your own images
• Set image duration
• No ads
• No tracking

Tiger App Features - App Image Editing Icon

App Image Editing Features

Various image editing tools to create the perfect wallpaper image.

• Full image editing
• Add text
• Add image filters
• Add mask effect & more

Tiger Screensaver Features - Screensaver Image Features Icon

Screensaver Image Features

Beautiful High-Definition tiger images from around the globe.

• 25 beautiful pictures of tigers
• Set image duration
• Set image order
• Tiger wallpaper

Tiger Screensaver Features - Screensaver Settings Icon

Screensaver Settings

Easy installation & many options that will bring your screen alive.

• 100 image transitions
• Slide, rotate & image zoom
• High quality image resizing
• Clock and calendar option

Screensaver Sound Features

Screensaver Sound Features

Multiple screensaver sound options 

• Use built-in soundtrack
• Add your own music (MP3) files
• Repeat, shuffle or random playlist
• Mute soundtrack

Save Tigers HD Windows Screensaver

How You Can Help

Help the endangered tigers and tiger conservation

Stop deforestation and save the tiger habitat.
Check your labels. Palm oil is found in many everyday products and most of it is made unsustainably, responsible for driving the ongoing loss of habitat home to tigers and other threatened species. If a product does contain palm oil, be sure to look for the RSPO Sustainable palm oil seal.

Take action on climate. You can also personally help tigers by taking action on climate change and reducing your carbon footprint. By saving energy, flying less, using public transportation, eating local, and consuming less red meat, you are helping to give tigers a better chance of survival (and many other species as well).

Visit tigers only at AZA Accredited Zoos. Do not visit tiger petting facilities. Too often these places are involved in the trade of tiger body parts. And before heading to a Zoo check before you visit. Make sure that the Zoo is contributing to the Tiger Species Survival Plans and supporting tiger conservation in the wild.

Support tiger conservation organizations on the ground that are protecting tigers. The best chance for tigers is to protect them in the wild and their forest habitats. By supporting Project Endangered Tigers, you are helping global tiger conservation efforts .

Additionally, you can purchase our awesome and unique feature rich pictures of tigers app and screensaver bundle. They include cutting edge features that will bring your screens alive! Both for one low price, proceeds benefit tiger conservation.
The pictures of tigers app and screensaver are ad, malware, and spyware free!

Purchasing Our Save Tigers HD App & Screensaver Bundle

How you can help save endangered tigers from imminent extinction

Save Tigers HD App & Screensaver - Monitor and Phone DisplayProceeds from the pictures of tigers screensaver and app will be donated to the WildCats Conservation Alliance

WildCats Conservation Alliance LogoWildCats Conservation Alliance is a wild tiger and Amur leopard initiative that funds carefully chosen conservation projects across Asia, working with a range of national and international conservation NGOs. It is a partnership between the Zoological Society of London (UK charity # 208728) and Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (ACNC # 61150274463)’.

Screensaver Requirements
Requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Speakers for Built-in Music or Your Own Playlist
50 MB of free hard disk space
128 Megabytes of RAM
High-Definition Display (optional)
App Requirements / Features
Requires Android 5.0 and up
No In-App Purchases Required
Content Rating: Everyone
Updated: May 8, 2021
Ad free App!
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Once payment is made, you can download the pictures of tigers Windows screensaver and Android app immediately.
Please note: The Android app will be downloaded from our website and not the Google Play Store. We have chosen this app delivery method as the result of high Google Play Store service fees.

Pictures of Tigers App and Screensaver

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*Proceeds from the HD Android Live Wallpaper App and Windows Screensaver Benefit Tiger Conservation.

Pictures of tigers Live Wallpaper App FAQ

Why isn't your app on the Google Playstore?

Since proceeds benefit tiger conservation and managing and marketing this website is expensive, we have chosen not to include our pictures of tigers app in the Google Play store because of the very high fees Google charges.

Does the pictures of tigers app work on iPhones?

No, our app only works for the Android operating system but we may create an iPhone app in the near future.

Does your pictures of tigers app contain ads?

Our app contains no ads, no spyware, no malware, 100% clean!

What permissions does the pictures of tigers app require?

Phone access (for adding an image into the app from your phone ) Image Gallery (for adding an image into the app from your image gallery)

Does your app contain in app purchases?

No, once initial payment is made from our website and you enter your unlock code, you will have full app access, no need for in app purchases.

Can I install the pictures of tigers app on multiple phones?

Yes, you can install and use the app on multiple phones (2 max)

My phone does not have HD / high resolution, will it still work?

Yes, the images will display in whatever resolution your phone supports.

How many tiger images are in the pictures of tigers app?

10 HD tiger images and 2 videos are included in the pictures of tigers app, you can also add your own images. Please note, imported images from your phone or image gallery will not work with some features of the app, only default images that are included work with 100% of the app features.

Does your pictures of tigers app track me?

No! Our pictures of tigers app contains no ads, no spyware, no malware, and is 100% clean!

When I try and install the app, I get an unknown source message

Android protects users from inadvertent downloading and installing apps from locations other than the Google Play store. It blocks these installs until the user opts into “Unknown sources” in Settings > Security on their device. Please make this simple configuration change before you try and install our app (NO WORRIES, OUR APP IS 100% SAFE!) we have chosen not to include our app in the Google Play Store because of the very high fees Google charges.


To install apps that you downloaded from somewhere besides the Google app store or the company that made your phone, you need to allow installation from “unknown sources“.


How to allow installation from “unknown sources” on your phone


Android® 8.x & higher

From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
Navigate: Settings Settings icon > Apps.
Tap Menu icon (upper-right). (3 dots)
Tap Special access.
Tap Install unknown apps.
Select the unknown app then tap the Allow from this source switch to turn on Switch on or off Switch off.


Android® 7.x & lower

From a Home screen, navigate to Settings.
Tap Lock screen and security.
Note If unavailable, tap Security.
Tap the Unknown sources switch to turn on or off.
Note If unavailable, Unknown sources to turn on or off. Enabled when check mark is present.
To continue, review prompt then tap OK.


Since there are so many phones and Android OS versions, the process of enabling installation from unknown sources may differ, please use the links below for more information.


How to Install Apps From Unknown Sources on Android


How to Install Apps on Android 8.0 Without “Unknown Sources” Setting


How To Enable Third Party App Installing On Android – Unknown Sources Tutorial


How to Allow Unknown Sources on SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 – Install and Download Apps From Unknown Sources


It’s important that you disable this setting once you’re done using it. To turn it off, simply toggle the setting to off. If you are having difficulty installing our app, please contact us.

The app requires a code to unlock, where can I find the code?

Once payment has been made for pictures of tigers HD Live Wallpaper app and screensaver bundle, you will receive an email with the app unlock code. The unlock code will be located in the email subject line and also in the body of the email message.

It will look similar to this 


Order Reference: PROJECTENDANGER410907-8743-67168

Please copy all characters after the word “Order Reference:” so in the example above, your app unlock code would be PROJECTENDANGER410907-8743-67168

Make sure you write down or copy the code. Next, download and install the app onto your Android phone. Next, please go to the app home screen (First Screen) and select the “Unlock the App” button and enter the app unlock code.

Pictures of tigers Screensaver App FAQ

What are the pictures of tigers screensaver system requirements?

The pictures of tigers HD screensaver is a stable, professional-quality, 32/64-bit screen saver that properly supports Windows technology (live preview, proper Windows password protection, energy savings, multi-monitor support).
Our pictures of tigers screensaver works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. The screensaver should work with Windows 11, if you have any issues installing the screensaver on Windows 11, please contact us.

Does the screensaver also work on Mac?

No, the screensaver only works on Windows based computers at this time.

When I try and install I get "Unable to copy the files. Access is denied" error message, what can I do?

The error message indicates that you are running the pictures of tigers screensaver main setup file (the file you downloaded) with restricted privileges. As a security measure, Windows prevents modifying c:\windows directory for your user account. Right click the setup file and select Run as Administrator from the context menu. Alternately, when installing the screensaver, you can try and install in another directory (C:\windows\screensaver).

Does the pictures of tigers screensaver contain ads and is it safe to install?

The screensaver contains no ads or external content and is 100% spyware, malware, and virus free.

Does the pictures of tigers screensaver have sound?

The pictures of tigers screensaver contains 1 sound file (soundtrack) which can be muted. Additionally, you can add your own MP3 files for a custom soundtrack/playlist.